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Torelli INEX Snorkel Torelli INEX Snorkel

The INEX Snorkel has a medium size bore for ease of Inhalation /Exhalation during repetitive dives. The INEX is completely made of a flexible material allowing it to bend rather than pull your face mask off when snagged in situtations such as Lobster diving amounst Kelp or a float line dragged across your head.


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Picasso INVIS-FLOW Snorkel Picasso INVIS-FLOW Snorkel

Designed specifically for spearfishing and free diving thePicasso  INVIS-FLOW snorkel tube is made of flexible transparent T.P.E thermorubber giving the snorkel a 'invisible" effect in the water. 


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Picasso TORNADO Snorkel Picasso TORNADO Snorkel

The Picasso TORNADO snorkel is an excellent free diving snorkel made from high-quality flexible thermorubber making the TORNADO snorkel one of the most durable snorkels on the market.

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Picasso ATLANTIDA Snorkel Picasso ATLANTIDA Snorkel

Budget hard plastic snorkel with an  easy clearing shape and silicon mouthpiece.

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The Breeze Snorkel has been conceived exclusively for spearfishing. 
The tube is moulded in two types of materials with different hardness.
Three-fourths of the tube, in the lower part, is made with a semi-rigid thermoplastic material. 

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Omer SLALOM Snorkel Omer SLALOM Snorkel

Snorkel designed to fit ergonomically to the diver's head and increase hydrodynamics. The shape of the tube is very low profile and fits snugly on the side and is also ideal to enter caves without the risk of pegging the snorkel to the rocks.

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