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  1. Torelli Seahunt Mask
    Torelli Seahunt Mask
    Special $45.00 RRP $90.00
    You save: $45.00 (50%)
  2. Torelli Response Snorkel
    Torelli Response Snorkel
    Special $26.00 RRP $33.00
    You save: $7.00 (21%)
  3. Crespo Nautilus Fins
    Crespo Nautilus Fins
    Our Price $99.00 RRP $130.00
    You save: $31.00 (24%)
  4. Seac M70 Mask Brown
    Seac M70 Mask Brown
    Special $69.00 RRP $99.00
    You save: $30.00 (30%)
  5. Seac Jet Snorkel
    Seac Jet Snorkel
    Special $29.00 RRP $45.00
    You save: $16.00 (36%)

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Spearfishing Blog & Videos

  • What makes a good Spearfishing Wetsuit?
    What makes a good Spearfishing Wetsuit?

    A quality spearfishing wetsuit is the most important part of your spearfishing gear

    Selecting your spearfishing wetsuit is more than picking a pretty camouflage and hitting the water. There are a variety of quality of neoprenes, cuts and builds on the market and they all matter for the type of diving you're doing and longevity of the wetsuit. For the sake of this article we will focus on Torelli wetsuits as they are one of the market leaders for freediving wetsuit quality.

    What makes Torelli wetsuits good quality?

    Neoprene: The Torelli wetsuits for starters are assembled from Yamamoto neoprene which is made in Japan. However, there are quite a few grades of Yamamoto so don't be tricked into purchasing a lower grade Yamamoto neoprene. The Torelli wetsuits are made in the grade 39 neoprene, which is the perfect mix of nitrogen and neoprene for softness, warmth and durability. If you are looking for a stronger s

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  • What are Spearfishing Flashers? (Fish Attractors)
    What are Spearfishing Flashers? (Fish Attractors)

    Flashers are one of the most useful tools to a spearfisherman or diver for attracting fish in open water.

    Flashers, as the name suggests, flashes light around the water which attracts fish from far away. The fish can be mesmerised by the flashers spinning or flickering in the water allowing a great opportunity to capture them. There are different designs, some more complex than others. However, the simplest piece of reflective glass can be extremely effective at attractive fish e.g. the Torelli Flick Fish. All of the flashers provided at Legendary are tried and tested tools. You may wish to look on youtube for pelagic fish attracted by flashers to see how effective these really are. Flashers are an important part of your spearfishing gear if you're heading out to shoot most pelagic species!

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  • Why buy a spearfishing or dive float (buoy)?
    Why buy a spearfishing or dive float (buoy)?

    Floats are one of the most important safety features in your dive arsenal

    Spearfishing Floats: The spearfishing float is attached to your spear gun via a float line. The float is then towed behind the diver indicating their position at all times. This is a very important safety consideration as it allows your buddy to keep track of you and to alerts boat traffic of your presents. A float also allows you to release the spear gun and come to the surface without fear of losing it in situations such as fighting a big fish or marking a lobster hole.

    A spearfishing float should be brightly colored and have a diver down Alpha flag attached and be weighted so as to stay upright at all times.

    Spearfishing floats are also useful for storing your fish and carrying spares such as a drink bottle, catch bag and safety ge

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