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  1. Legendary Teak Speargun
    Legendary Teak Speargun
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  2. Cressi Mohawk Railgun
    Cressi Mohawk Railgun
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  3. Rob Allen Samburu Carbon Speargun
    Rob Allen Samburu Carbon Speargun
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    RRP $779.00
    You Save $80.00 (10%)
  4. Rob Allen Tuna Speargun
    Rob Allen Tuna Speargun
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    RRP $599.00
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Spearfishing Blog & Videos

  • How to pick the right replacement spear and rubber (powerbands)
    How to pick the right replacement spear and rubber (powerbands)

    Replacing your powerbands or spear shafts is actually a simple process, but it requires a bit of planning. 

    Spears / Shafts

    For selecting your spear shaft the first thing you need to consider is the type of mechanism your speargun has. There are two common styles, one which latches onto a notch on the shaft and the other that presses down on a flat surface (often called the "euro" style mechanism). Old style seahornets, some styles of wood guns, and others home made guns can have the notched style spears. These are somewhat less common in Australia these days. Torelli, Rob Allen, and Cressi use the 'euro' style mechanism where the spear is held in place by pressure applied to the flat smooth surface. These are the main spears we sell and will suit most of these big brands.

    To select the right spear / shaft length you want to choose a spear that is either 4

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  • Spearfishing Gear and Safety
    Spearfishing Gear and Safety

    Diving safely with the right equipment could save your life

    Spearfishing is a great sport, but it comes with its own dangers. The best way to negate these dangers is to pick the right gear and safety equipment. Here i'll talk through some of the most basic and some gadgets to help keep you safe on the water.


    Knives are the most simple and useful part of your equipment, but they also have a safety role. Knives are used to dispatch fish and burley, but they are also useful for cutting anything you may be entangled in.


    Spearfishing floats are useful for holding your fish and other equipment high in the water and reducing drag. They are also extremely useful as buoyancy devices to rest on if tired. They are bright coloured and often reflective so to be seen from boats,

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  • What makes a good Spearfishing Wetsuit?
    What makes a good Spearfishing Wetsuit?

    A quality spearfishing wetsuit is the most important part of your spearfishing gear

    Selecting your spearfishing wetsuit is more than picking a pretty camouflage and hitting the water. There are a variety of quality of neoprenes, cuts and builds on the market and they all matter for the type of diving you're doing and longevity of the wetsuit. For the sake of this article we will focus on Torelli wetsuits as they are one of the market leaders for freediving wetsuit quality.

    What makes Torelli wetsuits good quality?

    Neoprene: The Torelli wetsuits for starters are assembled from Yamamoto neoprene which is made in Japan. However, there are quite a few grades of Yamamoto so don't be tricked into purchasing a lower grade Yamamoto neoprene. The Torelli wetsuits are made in the grade 39 neoprene, which is the perfect mix of nitrogen and neoprene for softness, warmth and durability. If you are looking for a stronger suit

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Legendary Skindiving Equipment is a family owned spearfshing gear specialist in Melbourne, Australia. We make sure the gear we sell is only the best, and avoid low quality spearfishing equipment at all costs. Our spearfishing shop provides a complete collection of accessories to fill out your setup. We also provide Australian wide shipping at a competitive rate of $15. So if you're spearfishing Sydney, spearfishing Melbourne or even spearfishing Brisbane we have the right gear for you.


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  1. Tigon 14mm Speargun Power Bands
    Tigon 14mm Speargun Power Bands
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  2. Torelli Mean Green X Speargun
    Torelli Mean Green X Speargun
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    You Save $30.00 (7%)
  3. Torelli Mean Green Speargun
    Torelli Mean Green Speargun
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    You Save $30.00 (8%)
  4. Torelli Ammo X Speargun
    Torelli Ammo X Speargun
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  5. Torelli Ammo Speargun
    Torelli Ammo Speargun
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    You Save $30.00 (8%)


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