Guide to gear and catching Abalone in Melbourne (Victoria)

Interested in catching some Abalone in Melbourne?

Victoria is a great place for Abalone, Black lip and Green Lip abalone alike. However, before I talk about some of the equipment best suited to catch them I will note that there is strict regulations on Abalone in Victoria. Please see this link below to understand these regulations.

What gear is best?

Tools: To catch Abalone you must use a blunt instrument, if you cut them they will die. Legendary provides Abalone tools here and provides the Fisheries rulers in store for free. 

Wetsuit: The wetsuit you use needs to be warm and comfortable as you will be potentially swimming for a long time. We recommend the Torelli Ninja wetsuit. This wetsuit comes in both 3.5mm and 5mm and is a quality Yamamoto neoprene from Japan. The wetsuit is designed in Australia. 

Fins: For fins you should aim for long blade fins (see here) to provide power to swim down to the rock and have time to search and gently remove sizable Abalone.

Bag: You will need somewhere to store the Abalone while diving, a mesh bag is good, but we provide bags for your waist or with handles.

All of this in a package deal? Save money and purchase a package here.

Ok, how do I catch them?

Now you have your gear and you're ready to catch some delicious Abalone! The process is quite simple, you swim out to rocky areas past the intertidal zone (see regulations) and pull out your blunt abalone tool. What you want to do is dive down to the rocks, search for an abalone that appears to be of legal size and slide the Abalone tool under its body to remove it gently from the rock. Once you have removed the Abalone from the rock use your ruler to measure its size and determine whether it is legal fo the region you're in (see regulations). If it is below size, swim back down and gently place abalone lips down onto a rock.