How to pick the right replacement spear and rubber (powerbands)

Replacing your powerbands or spear shafts is actually a simple process, but it requires a bit of planning. 

Spears / Shafts

For selecting your spear shaft the first thing you need to consider is the type of mechanism your speargun has. There are two common styles, one which latches onto a notch on the shaft and the other that presses down on a flat surface (often called the "euro" style mechanism). Old style seahornets, some styles of wood guns, and others home made guns can have the notched style spears. These are somewhat less common in Australia these days. Torelli, Rob Allen, and Cressi use the 'euro' style mechanism where the spear is held in place by pressure applied to the flat smooth surface. These are the main spears we sell and will suit most of these big brands.

To select the right spear / shaft length you want to choose a spear that is either 40cm or 50cm longer than your stated barrel size. Spearguns are specifically sized from their speargun barrel length, not the whole gun length. So if you measure your gun for replacement parts you need to measure the barrel only. The 50cm overhang is what comes standard with Torelli spearguns, and Rob Allen spearguns tend to be 40cm overhang. There is no difference in performance, but what you're used to will effect your aim. 

The material in the spear itself should be selected between spring steel and stainless steel. Both of these materials are very good for shafts, they both have different qualities.

Spring steel shafts: These shafts are extremely good at absorbing shock, but can rust (hence they are coated with a protective material). These can also be easily sharpened.

Stainless steel shafts: These shafts are good at abosrbing shock, and do not rust easily.

The thickness of a shaft should be 6mm if you're using low powered rubbers (13mm, single 16mm), but be careful not to overpower a thin shaft as it may whip. If you're using thicker rubbers or dual rubbers on a larger gun, 6.5mm or 7mm is suitable.

Powerbands / Rubbers

Powerbands are simple to pick, bascially you can think about it like this:

13mm Powerbands: perfect for smaller guns and close range shots.

Dual 13mm Powerbands: 16mm is too difficult to load, but you still want decent power.

16mm Powerbands: Great for shooting reef fish with a thin spear.

Dual 16mm Powerbands: Powerful, good for powering up a large gun to shoot over a distance.

19mm Powerbands: Powerful, difficult to load, but much less cumbersome than having dual rubbers.

Sizing? All of our powerbands have the suggested speargun length in the attributes when you select a size to purchase.

But what about "Euro" rubbers (screw in) vs. loop rubbers?

The Euro style screw in rubbers / powerbands follow the same selection process as above, however they have the advantage of being easily replaced by screwing. They also enable a quick change of dyneema if your speargun bridle snaps. The other major advantage of Euro rubbers is the fact they last much longer and deteriorate slower. Loop rubbers are not noticeably different in power, but they are not as easy to replace and do not last as long. However! Loops are cheaper to purchase than Euros.