Learn how Float Lines are versatile and important pieces of equipment

Float lines have more uses than just connecting to your float.

Float lines or tag lines are attached with quick release clips between the handle of your spear gun and spearfishing float. The float is then towed behind the diver indicating you position at all times. This is a very important safety consideration as it allows your buddy to keep track of you and to alerts boat traffic of your presents. A float line also allows you to release the spear gun and come to the surface without fear of losing it in situations such as fighting a big fish or marking a lobster hole. Float lines also allow you to thread your fish (through the mouth out of the gill) to float back to the float itself. This keeps the fish up high in the water and away from your body.

Float line floats must be buoyant to keep them of the bottom and away from kelp, rocks and coral. Simply budget polypropylene float lines such as the Crespo Float line is fine for most spearfishing situations. For a tangle resistant streamlined option you may consider and Dyneema cored PVC tube type float lines such as the Cressi Delux float line or the Torelli Blackline.