Purchasing that perfect Dive Mask

Dive Masks are incredibly important while diving, so it's crucial you pick one that suits you best. Indeed, price should not be your greatest concern when making your choice.

What is a Diving Mask?

A diving or face mask is an essential piece of equipment that allows you to see clearly underwater. Masks come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes as do people’s faces so it is very important that a mask is fitted correctly. A leaky mask will make you dive adventure very unpleasant. The only way to ensure a mask is suitable for your face and does not leak is to purchase in store with the help of a trained sales assistant. We do not recommend the purchase of a face mask via the net.

There are basically two types of material used to manufacture masks, good quality Silicon rubber that lasts for years and retains its suppleness and PVC (branded as ‘Silatex’ to sound better) that quickly discolors, stiffens and leaks. We do not stock any PVC masks at Legendary Skindiving Equipment.

Transparent rubber sides are not recommended as this allows back light to reflect of the lens restricting vision. This is most noticeable when snorkeling on the surface looking down.

Snorkeling Mask

As Snorkelers generally stays on the surface only submerging for short shallow dives the volume of a mask is not an issue therefore choose a mask for fit, comfort and style.

Free Diving Masks

A low volume mask is essential for free divers. As you descend through the water column the air inside the mask begins to compress creating mask squeeze. To equalize this pressure the diver has to blow an amount of air through the nose into the mask. The smaller the volume of the mask the less air required to compensate the mask squeeze thereby conserving oxygen for the diver.

Spearfishing Mask

Low volume masks are very good for spearfishing as outline above in the free diving mask section however if you spearfish in waters less than 10 meters the volume of the mask is not so important.   


How to cure Mask Fogging?!@

A brand new dive mask will fog severely if it is not thoroughly cleaned before your first use. A new mask straight out of the box is coated with a film of silicone left from storage and manufacturing. The best way to clean and prepare a mask is to thoroughly rub toothpaste all over the mask including the lens, skirt, inside and out including the strap. Clean and rinse twice with toothpaste and a final clean with warm water and dishwashing liquid to wash away the residual toothpaste.

It is very important to clean the whole mask, not just the lens as is commonly advised. If only the lens are cleaned silicone will egress from the uncleansed parts of the mask onto the lens causing continued fogging issues.