Selecting the right type of Dive Fins

Selecting the right Dive Fins is incredibly important for your performance in the water and comfort diving.

Here is our breakdown of three major different diving types.

Snorkeling or Scuba Fins: Snorkeling and Scuba fins are a full foot pocket and flexible blade. If you are just starting out or are a holiday snorkeler a simple pair of plastic fins is all that is required. Long blades are less important for Scuba divers as they don't require the level of efficiency while using tanks. We recommend the CRESSI Agua fins and CRESSI Reaction Pro fins. The CRESPO Nautilus Fins a good choice for the more dedicated snorkeler.

Spearfishing Fins: Spear fishers spend a lot of time in the water covering a lot of ground in the pursuit of prey. They requiring comfortable, efficient fins and the best choice for this activity is a full foot pocket-long bladed fin. Plastic fins are fine and will and give you years of enjoyment however even the best plastic blades deaden the stroke of the fin thereby washing out the energy transfer. To access your full potential as a spear fisher Carbon fins are the answer. Carbon blades are lightweight and offer energy transfer unmatched by any other material. The structure of the foot pocket is also very important to ensure the energy of the stroke is transferred to the blade.

Free Diving Fins: Freedivers must find the best technique and equipment to conserve energy and oxygen. For reasons outlined above, Carbon Fins are really the only choice to meet these criteria. The TORELLI Carbon fins range are a great choice for open water and performance Freediving.

Why does the price of fins vary so much? The answer to this question is basically the type of materials used in construction. TPE rubber is usually used in the construction of the cheaper fins. TPE Fins are fine new but will soften with use and will become jelly like with a lot of use. The better fins are made from durable thermoplastics and natural rubber materials and have a structured foot pocket consisting of hard and soft sections to ensure best energy transfer and comfort.