What is a good dive and spearfishing knife?

What makes a great dive knife?

This is a great question, and it really depends on what you're trying to use it for. However, experience has taught me that smaller blades are more useful in general. Now, i'm not talking about a tiny kill knife (such as the Torelli Mini), which is designed purely for dispatching fish humanely. I'm talking about a blade around 11cm long, such as the Torelli Classic knife. A spearfishing knife this size is suitable for: dispatching fish, cutting lines in emergencies, and burleying. If you go too large it becomes cumbersome and you're more likely to cut yourself, and it makes it harder to dispatch fish. If you go too small it makes it too hard to burley.

Dive knives should not be hunting knives or kitchen knives. There are two reasons for this: They can be insanely sharp and using a knife underwater while handling fish is far from perfectly knife safe (don't want to slice your hand open), and high quality stainless steel that can be sharpened to this extent will be more prone to rusting in the sea water. A proper quality dive knife can handle exposure to salt water, but still allows a high degree of sharpening. Some knives include rust protection coatings, which allows more sharpening of the knife with less rust risk (e.g. Torelli knives).

What about knife holders?

How you store your knife and access it is actually really important. Not all carry cases are made the same. You want a case that doesn't rely on a simple push clip system as they have a higher chance to pop out and sink into the abyss. A good route is a cover that uses some type of elastic, or a band to push the knife into the holder (e.g. What Torelli Classic knives have). The Torelli Knives also fit into the knife/torch pockets on Torelli Wetsuits. The straps can be rubber, hook and loop, or go on your weightbelt as well if the case allows for it (Torelli has also thought of this and all these options are available in the Classic and Mini).

There we have it, hopefully this will guide you on choosing a good dive knife for your next trip. See our range of spearfishing knives here