Spearfishing Gear and Safety

Diving safely with the right equipment could save your life

Spearfishing is a great sport, but it comes with its own dangers. The best way to negate these dangers is to pick the right gear and safety equipment. Here i'll talk through some of the most basic and some gadgets to help keep you safe on the water.


Knives are the most simple and useful part of your equipment, but they also have a safety role. Knives are used to dispatch fish and burley, but they are also useful for cutting anything you may be entangled in.


Spearfishing floats are useful for holding your fish and other equipment high in the water and reducing drag. They are also extremely useful as buoyancy devices to rest on if tired. They are bright coloured and often reflective so to be seen from boats, they have a flag to warn boats of your location. They are also good for attaching whistles and reflective mirrors to so that you can signal boats and rescue teams.

GPS Beacons

IF you're planning on being out in open water, or somewhere remote you may wish to purchase a GPS Beacon specialised for diving. They are simple small units that can be activated to send out signals to rescue vessels and other vessels in the region. We suggest this as an important part of your gear if you are doing a spearfishing trip to the Coral Sea for example.

Dive Computers

The humble dive computer or diving watch is useful not only to track your dive but to track your surface time. Knowing that you have had adequate rest before the next dive could save you from blacking out while diving.