What makes a good Snorkel?

A snorkel is one of the most simple parts of your gear, yet selecting one at the shop can be overwhelming with the wide range of choice.

Here we break down the main differences between snorkels to help you pick the best one suitable.

What is a Snorkel? A snorkel is a breathing tube that allows you to swim or float face down in the water breathing comfortably as you observe the underwater environment. Often an underestimated piece of kit a good snorkel will make all the difference to your diving enjoyment. All the Snorkels that we stock at Legendary Skindiving Equipment have been carefully selected and tested to meet these standards.

J Snorkel: A simple J shaped snorkel is considered the best by many divers as they are streamlined, hold the least amount of residual air and are easy to clear. Avoid snorkels with ridges and sharp bends as these can trap water making it difficult to fully clear the snorkel.

Purge Valve: Purge Valve Snorkels provide a way to clear your snorkel without having to blow all the water out the top. They typically have a one-way valve at the base of the mouth piece to allow water to flow out. It is strongly advised to purchase a good quality valve snorkels such as the Cressi Gamma snorkel as the cheaper valve snorkels often have inferior valves that back flow and actually allow water to enter the mouthpiece.   

Flexible Snorkel: When hunting for Lobster and Abalone a flexible snorkel is required as it will simply bends back and forth without dislodging you mask as you dive amongst kelp and crevices in search of your prey. Recommended snorkels for these activity are the Torelli Inex Snorkel, Cressi Corsica Snorkel and the LSE Falcon Snorkel.