Why buy a spearfishing or dive float (buoy)?

Floats are one of the most important safety features in your dive arsenal

Spearfishing Floats: The spearfishing float is attached to your spear gun via a float line. The float is then towed behind the diver indicating their position at all times. This is a very important safety consideration as it allows your buddy to keep track of you and to alerts boat traffic of your presents. A float also allows you to release the spear gun and come to the surface without fear of losing it in situations such as fighting a big fish or marking a lobster hole.

A spearfishing float should be brightly colored and have a diver down Alpha flag attached and be weighted so as to stay upright at all times.

Spearfishing floats are also useful for storing your fish and carrying spares such as a drink bottle, catch bag and safety gear.