1. What are Spearfishing Flashers? (Fish Attractors)

    What are Spearfishing Flashers? (Fish Attractors)

    Flashers are one of the most useful tools to a spearfisherman or diver for attracting fish in open water.

    Flashers, as the name suggests, flashes light around the water which attracts fish from far away. The fish can be mesmerised by the flashers spinning or flickering in the water allowing a great opportunity to capture them. There are different designs, some more complex than others. However, the simplest piece of reflective glass can be extremely effective at attractive fish e.g. the Torelli Flick Fish. All of the flashers provided at Legendary are tried and tested tools. You may wish to look on youtube for pelagic fish attracted by flashers to see how effective these really are. Flashers are an important part of your spearfishing gear if you're heading out to shoot most pelagic species!

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  2. Selecting the right type of Dive Fins

    Selecting the right type of Dive Fins

    Selecting the right Dive Fins is incredibly important for your performance in the water and comfort diving.

    Here is our breakdown of three major different diving types.

    Snorkeling or Scuba Fins: Snorkeling and Scuba fins are a full foot pocket and flexible blade. If you are just starting out or are a holiday snorkeler a simple pair of plastic fins is all that is required. Long blades are less important for Scuba divers as they don't require the level of efficiency while using tanks. We recommend the CRESSI Agua fins and CRESSI Reaction Pro fins. The CRESPO Nautilus Fins a good choice for the more dedicated snorkeler.

    Spearfishing Fins: Spear fishers spend a lot of time in the

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