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The Rob Allen Sparid EVO railgun is the newest addition to the world renowned Sparid lineage. Sporting a deadly new look thanks to the sexy new EVO Ghost Camo barrel this powerful and highly accurate speargun is ideal for divers wanting a deadly effective speargun capable of hunting those once in a lifetime trophy fish. The Rob Allen Sparid EVO will give you the confidence to stone your catch every time.


Continuing on from previous designs, the Sparid EVO is a speargun characterised by its durability and performance, making it a great all round gun for both bay and offshore hunters. You can be confident thanks to Rob Allen himself working directly on the design of this speargun that you’ll be getting your moneys worth, as he's combined many of his personal favourite components and integrated them directly into this one gun.


The twin 14 mm power bands create just the right amount of power to be supported by the 7 mm camouflage barrel which won’t over power the shaft and cause loss of accuracy. The use of the 14 mm bands also makes loading much easier and reduces the gun’s recoil, which further improves on the spearguns accuracy. Tried and tested the new generation of trigger mechanism will give optimal performance from the 1st shot through to 20,000 shots with minimal to no change at all. The use of heavy duty Kevlar delivers a consistent, crisp trigger which is important to reduce recoil and trigger tension whilst also improving shot accuracy.


The Sparid EVO uses a low profile closed muzzle which provides a number of significant benefits. Firstly, it allows for fast tracking of fast species due to the reduced friction in the water. Secondly, the line of sight is clear for accurate aiming. Thirdly, the closed muzzle design with a compact but sturdy bridge allows for fast reloading without the bulk of bigger muzzles. Divers can also quickly and easily remove one or both power bands without using tools to suit individual shooting requirements and different hunting environments.


The Rob Allen Sparid EVO speargun comes fitted with a 7 mm spear shaft which has been manufactured from oil quenched, 2100MPA hardened spring steel in combination with Rob Allen’s unique straightening process. This process ensures that you’re using the sturdiest and straightest spear available and each shaft is hand tested by Rob Allen to make sure it’s as straight as possible.


The Spaird EVO railgun delivers incredible accuracy thanks to the use of premium components and meticulous assembly procedures in the manufacturing process. The aircraft grade aluminium rail barrels include an integrated, full length rail which lines up perfectly with the profile of the mechanism and the muzzle for deadly accuracy. This integral rail is part of the barrel itself which provides increased barrel stiffness and reduces flex. The rail barrel is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium with a wall thickness of 1.45 mm and the durable mechanism is manufactured from glass reinforced Nylon with stainless steel internals.


The Rob Allen brand has been leading the pathway worldwide for decades now building spearfishing gear that exudes quality, reliability and exhibits astounding speed and power without compromising on the important all round performance demanded from a speargun. For this very reason Rob Allen spearguns hold hundreds of world records for landing some seriously big fish.


Over the course of 20 years the same core model has been used by Rob Allen. Rebuilding his die and tooling many times over to remove any imperfections and tuning out problem areas detected by their extensive in house research and development programs as well as listening to valued critique received from users from all over the world. Rob Allen is known worldwide for his meticulous attention to detail and tireless testing of every change made on his guns. He does not change for the sake of it but only to continue to evolve the perfect tool for hunting our waters. Robs methodical approach and grueling testing regime in South Africa and around the world has led to a series of developments which are now industry standards. The result today is a level of accuracy and pure awesomeness that is lovingly supported by a massive fan base of highly satisfied customers.

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